In Support of Justice For, and Immediate Release of,
January 6, 2021, Political Prisoners Held in U.S. Custody
WHEREAS, hundreds of patriotic American citizens have been taken into custody by the United States government on criminal charges based upon their participation in the U.S. Capitol rally on January 6, 2021; and

WHEREAS, many have been held in custody for weeks and months on minor charges without trial and subjected to horrific and illegal conditions, isolation, and physical, emotional and medical abuse solely because of their political affiliation; and

WHEREAS, continued custody for these political prisoners results in loss of their families’ income and financial stability; and

WHEREAS, these political prisoners have been, and continue to be, denied basic U.S. Constitutional rights, such as the rights to due process, access to courts, speedy trial, fair bail, and to be presumed innocent; and

WHEREAS, repeated attempts by family members, organizations and politicians to resolve, ameliorate or positively effect change on behalf of the January 6 political prisoners have been met repeatedly with silence or even derision on behalf of the oppressors responsible for this travesty of justice; and

WHEREAS, the horrendous abuse while in custody continues unabated to date and every day allowed to continue takes another priceless piece from the lives of the political prisoners, their families and this country’s laws and values; and

WHEREAS, the perpetrators of these atrocities have vowed to make even more arrests of January 6 rally participants, which will no doubt serve to increase the numbers of abused political prisoners.
That we, the undersigned, pledge support for the rights of the January 6 political prisoners being held and abused by the government of the United States of America and urges the United States government to immediately release pretrial detainees, investigate and prosecute their abuse, and halt all further arrests and prosecutions pending a thorough and meaningful bipartisan investigation into the prosecutions of protesters.
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